If you are a training provider, and want to open a school in New Jersey, you must apply to become a Private Vocational/Technical School.  Please click here for the Training Evaluation Unit's webpage to download the application packet and view relevant information

For information on eligibility to receive training grants while unemployed, please contact the  One Stop Career Center  in your local area. To view the list of Training Programs for Demand Occupations, visit the Department of  Labor and Workforce Development's  Labor Market Information web page. 

New Jersey Training Opportunities website will allow you to search for schools and organizations that provide occupational education and job training opportunities. Your search results will provide you with information on the various programs offered by each training provider, and allow you to compare programs and providers based on information such as the location and length of training, the costs and any special services that may be offered. This site's newest features give you the ability to compare training providers by employment outcomes and the starting salary after graduation. Another section of the site will allow students and employers to comment on training programs they have used and allow you, the user, to view those comments.

The website currently contains training providers, both in-state and out-of-state, that have applied to be included on the New Jersey State Eligible Training Provider list, and have been approved by the appropriate State agency. Currently, all those who apply and who are licensed by an appropriate agency of the state or federal government are considered eligible. Please note that all of the descriptive information regarding training programs and providers was offered by the training providers themselves. Contact the provider directly if you have any questions or concerns about the information listed, or inform us that you are having some problem. Please click on  "Resources"  link  for the "legal statement" at the bottom of  the page.

This site is a product of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, and the State Employment and Training Commission. Inclusion of a training provider on the New Jersey Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) is not an entitlement for a prospective student to receive funding from a local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) or One-Stop Career Center nor a requirement that the WIB or One-Stop make any referrals to the provider. All potential providers must satisfy specific eligibility criteria established by both the State Employment and Training Commission (SETC) and the local Workforce Investment Board (WIB) to be eligible to receive students paid for with public funds. The selection of an appropriate provider is a mutual decision made by the counselor and the prospective student.

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To view the  Occupations that require a License or Certification  in the State of New Jersey, and link to the issuing agency's web page, please click here.

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